Astec LifeSciences

Astec LifeSciences

Empowering agri inputs

In August 2015, we acquired stake in Astec LifeSciences Limited. We produce agrochemical active ingredients, intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates. Established in 1994, we have considerable experience in development and production of intermediates and active ingredients. We have forged enduring relationships with large and small companies all over the world. We have an unshakeable reputation for providing quality products in manufacturing plants that meet global standards.

We are now a niche fungicide player with specific strength in Triazoles. We offer off-patented chemistries to domestic agrochemical marketers and also for exports to the United States of America, Europe, West Asia, South East Asia and Latin America.

We have 2 multipurpose production facilities. All our production processes are backed by a Quality Assurance System which is ISO 9001:2000 certified. We consider the environment an inherited legacy, its protection a sacred responsibility and hence are a signatory to Responsible Care.

We have a strong Research & Development team. We work closely with other leading research agencies, universities and independent scientists for process development. We also avail the services of national and international GLP for generation of data for product registration in different countries.

Agrochemicals SPECS
Lambda Cyhalothrin
Intermediates SPECS
2-Chloro-4'-fluoro acetophenone
4-Methyl phthalic anhydride
Thio bis-4-chloro thymol