ACI Godrej Agrovet's Animal Feed businessis one of the largest organised players in the Compound Feed market in India. Our diverse portfolio includes products in Cattle, Poultry, Aqua and Specialty Feed.

ACI Godrej Agrovet

Providing innovative and sustainable solutions to farmers in the livestock and fishery sub-sector

In 2005, we entered into a joint venture with Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI), Bangladesh to manufacture and market quality products in Animal Feed and Poultry Hatchery. We have a presence across all critical elements of the poultry value chain and are significant players in the fish, shrimp and cattle feed segments.

Over the last decade, we have become a leading player in the Animal Feed market. In fact, our business ranks among the top 4 players across all categories of Animal Feed. We have a manufacturing facility in Sirajganj, with integrated breeding and hatchery operations, backed by a quality assurance laboratory. Recently, we set up an automated floating fish feed plant in Rajshahi. We work very closely with farmers to provide on-farm technical guidance, help enhance their farm management skills and offer cost-effective products and solutions to improve the productivity of their animals.

Cattle Feed

In Bangladesh, the demand for milk is much higher than the supply. This growth opportunity has attracted private investments in fresh milk collection, processing and marketing. Our Cattle Feed products contain protein, energy, fat, essential minerals and vitamins in adequate quantities to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle. We also offer innovative products to enhance milk production, reproductive health and the growth of calves. Bypro, our leading innovative brand, is rich in bypass protein and improves the yield of high milk-producing animals. Our brand, Meat More, is popular in the cattle fattening market of rural Bangladesh.

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ACI Godrej Agrovet's Cattle Feed products enhance milk production, reproductive ability and the overall health of cattle

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Cattle Meat More

Poultry Feed

Over the last few decades, the poultry industry in Bangladesh has emerged as an important sector, given the growing consumption. Excel, our premium quality Poultry Feed, is formulated to address the nutritional demand of fast growing broilers. This product helps in weight gain and faster growth, which in turn, improves the feed conversion ratio, performance index and immunity. Our Layer Feed helps meet the nutritional needs of birds at each life-stage and also, optimises the egg production of the flock.

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ACI Godrej Agrovet's Poultry Feed products are formulated by using superior quality grains, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to address the growing demand for poultry meat and eggs.

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Broiler Crumbro Excel Pre-Starter
Broiler Crumbro Excel Starter Pelet
Layer Grower
Layer Layer

Aqua Feed

In Bangladesh, Farmers are now using commercial, pelleted feed over non-formulated feed for better productivity and profitability. They are also upgrading from sinking fish feed to floating fish feed. Our brand, Mahisa, makes us the market leader (among commercial fish farmers) in the floating fish feed market. Our nutritionally balanced and scientifically formulated products help in weight gain and uniformity, increase survival rates and improve the feed conversion ratio. We also work closely with farmers and offer solutions for better pond management and higher farm profitability.

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ACI Godrej Agrovet's Aqua Feed products meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimps reared in Indian farming conditions.

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Koi Nursery
Pangash Grower
Telapia Grower
Telapia Nursery