Tyson Foods

Serving the growing demand for quality poultry


In 2008, we entered into a joint venture with Tyson Foods, U.S.A to manufacture and market processed poultry and vegetarian products. Godrej Tyson Foods offers great tasting, safe and affordable protein products through household favourites like Real Good Chicken and Yummiez. We cater to India’s expanding food industry, quick service restaurants, and the universe of modern retailers, with innovative food solutions at world-class standards, customized for local tastes. We even offer some iconic Indian food items and bring a restaurant-like experience to your home, at affordable prices. Through this partnership, we are combining our expertise in the supply chain with Tyson’s capabilities in vertically integrated poultry processing and product development

Our processing facilities ensure that all products go through stringent quality systems and checks. We have plants in Bangalore and Mumbai with completely integrated breeding and hatchery operations. Our Bangalore plant has the added capability to produce cold cuts and breaded products. We have created a separate production facility for our vegetarian products on the premises of Mega Food Park in Ladhowal, Ludhiana. Spread over an enormous area of 6 acres, this production unit is truly avant-garde in its nature


Real Good Chicken

Real Good Chicken

Our vertically integrated poultry process offers fresh and frozen poultry in a variety of cuts, for ready use


Our latest launch, the ready-to-cook marinated chicken range substantially reduces your cooking time and ensures complete safety and hygiene at the same time.

We aim to provide quality chicken for which we give utmost importance to taste, health, and safety. We raise chickens on our own farms and ensure they are bred in a healthy environment under the complete supervision of our veterinarians.

We ensure that the chicken is cut at the right age in order to provide you soft and tender meat. We use only 100% stainless steel equipment which is sanitized daily. The cutting, packaging, and delivery are contactless avoiding any kind of contamination. Thereby, it is apt to say that Real Good Chicken is Reallyyy Good, Reallyyy Fresh, and Reallyyy Tender!


Godrej Yummiez

Godrej Yummiez

Godrej Yummiez offers a range of frozen vegetarian and non-vegetarian ready-to-cook products


Our range is very aptly called Ghar Ka Fast Food. But, it is tastier and healthier than the fast-food options available outside and easy to prepare at home. Our products are frozen with the method of IQF freezing that keeps them fresh and nutritious. The packaging and delivery are contactless ensuring 100% safety. Enjoy hygienic, nutritious, high-protein, delicious, ready-to-cook snacks!

Our diverse portfolio allows you to have a full meal option with the newly launched range of Tikkas, Heat & Eat Gravies, and Parathas. Our snacks range consists of more than 40 products, including Nuggets, Burger Patties, Salami, Sausages, Kebabs, Sweet Corn, and Green Peas, among others.

Newly Launched


The Tikka range is all you need to satisfy your cravings to the fullest. Juicier than ever, these mouth-watering tikkas are tender and make for an appetizing party starter.


We offer you a range of parathas that are easy to make, tasty, and super nutritious. Filled with the goodness of wheat, these parathas are a perfect go-to option for a wholesome meal.


Introducing Heat & Eat restaurant-like gravies that come in a microwaveable container. Relish your favourite gravies within minutes!