Plant Growth Regulators and Bio-Stimulants


Quizalofop ethyl 7.5% + Imazethapyr 15% w/w EC


Product Description:

Pronounce is a systemic, broad-spectrum post-emergent herbicide for broad and grassy weeds.


Mode of Action:

It has a dual mode of action. It translocates through the xylem and phloem as it is absorbed both by roots and leaves. It disrupts protein and DNA synthesis.

Crops Target Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Groundnut Dactyloctenium aegyptium (Crowfoot grass), Digitaria spp (Crabgrss), Echinochloa spp (barnyard grass), Cyperus rotundus (nut grass), Commenalia begalensis (tropical spiderwort), Digera arvensis (false amaranth) 200


  1. Dual mode of action - absorbed through leaves and roots.
  2. Pronounce has excellent rain fastness
  3. Complete solution for control of Grassy & Broadleaf weeds in Groundnut.
  4. Safe for groundnut crop