Chlorantraniliprole 0.5%Gr + Thiamethoxam 1%


Product Description:

Vecendo is a granular insecticide which provides excellent control against stem borer in paddy and maize and shoot borer in sugarcane.


Mode of Action:

Chlorantraniliprole is Ryanodine Receptor Modulator and thiamethoxam acts on the nervous system, at Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. The dual mode of action of Vecendo ensures long-lasting protection. It also helps in the growth of tillers and root development.

Crops Target Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Paddy Stem borer, leaf folder, green leaf hopper, brown plant hopper 2.5
Maize Aphids, stem borer 2.5
Sugarcane Early shoot borer 5


  1. Highly effective against chewing pests like stem borers.
  2. Aids in crop growth by helping in tillers and root development.
  3. It does not stunt the plant growth and provides better ROI