Plant Growth Regulators and Bio-Stimulants

Vipul Granules

Triacontanol 0.05%


Product Description:

It is a Triacontanol based plant growth promoter for soil application to improve crop yield.


Mode of Action:

  1. Improves permeability of cell wall
  2. Enhances root growth at the cellular level by increasing root length and network
  3. Increased enzymatic activity and anti-oxidant compounds
Crops Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Cotton, Rice, Tomato, Chilli, Groundnut 10 Kg


  1. Produces more root hair.
  2. Leads to absorption & translocation of more nutrients and solutes.
  3. Efficient utilization of water and nutrients absorbed from the soil and translocated to plant parts
  4. Leads to more starch production, increased plant mass, giving high yield
  5. Increase in quantitative and qualitative produce